3D-MID-Technology: Three-dimensional space for miniaturized functions integration. Fewer components, less assembly processes, reduced total costs.

3D-MID – Three-dimensional molded interconnect device.
A molded interconnect device is on customer request designed thermoplastic substrate with integrated electronic circuit.
The technology offers the ultimate design freedom in three dimensions. The third dimension offers a better and more compact design of electronic functions in the available space.

3D-MID at Multiple Dimensions

Our specialists provide support for customers from the design of the device to the volume production. Operations take place under the roof of Multiple Dimensions. The advantages are obvious: Single point of contact, no interface issues between the individual process steps.

The manufacturing process

In five process steps to the finished device:
1 Creating the injection molding tool 2 Plastic injection molding 3 Laser-Direct-Structuring (LDS-Process from LPKF) 4 Chemical plating 5 Electronic assembly. The last process step omits, if it is a pure antenna, shielding, or interconnect. The entire process is highly efficient and is constantly refined and optimized at Multiple Dimensions.